GOLF: A Simple Right Hand Move To Shallow Your Downswing

GOLF: A Simple Right Hand Move To Shallow Your Downswing

A Simple Right Hand Move To Shallow Your Downswing

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How to shallow the club during the downswing is a hot topic on YouTube and amongst people that I see for live and online lessons.

We’ve talked about setting up to help shallow the downswing. We’ve talked about a backswing for your body to help do it. We’ve talked about getting the club steeper and deeper when you go back to help do it.

But the reality is, for some of you, you might have your setup really good and you might have the backswing more vertical and deep like I want and you might even have the turn like I want, and still the shaft will want to steepen during the downswing. You want to put as many pieces in as early as possible to help get rid of that, but you still might habitually do it.

There are so many ways and feels to shallow out the downswing. In this video, I’m specifically giving you a right hand, right arm feel that I use with a lot of people. I would always work to get the other pieces first. But, if they’re in there and you still can’t do it, this is another option.

You’ll see in the video I’m using a feedback station. You can see full details about how to set up this station in our HOW TO HIT A DRAW video ( The feedback is that during my down swing, I want the club head and shaft to work inside of this station.

In reality, if you can get the club underneath it, that’s fine. You don’t have to feel anything specific. Whatever you need to feel to get the club underneath would be good for you if you’re still struggling with steep. But if you can’t, there is something you can think about. There are things you can do with your hands here to shallow the club.

If I get up to the top of the backswing with a normal backswing, my right palm is facing away from me and slightly upward, but mostly straight away from me. If I want the shaft to get on a shallower angle, I need my palm to go more towards the sky. If I was at the top and I had my right palm go more down towards the ground, you can see that would make the shaft a steeper.

So with the station set up, you’ll go up to the top like normal and then get the right palm more towards the sky. Maintain the right palm more towards the sky and keep the club underneath the stick in the station. The stick exaggerates the feel of what you have to do during the downswing – how inside the club head has to be.

So the main points here:

-There are a ton of different feels you can use to shallow your club during the downswing

-For this particular feel, from the top, having your right palm more up towards the sky and keeping it more “away from you” for longer during the downswing can help you shallow out the club.

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