Golf Slice Fix – Drill #1 – Basket Gate Drill

Golf Slice Fix – Drill #1 – Basket Gate Drill

Golf Drill to Fix your Slice – Golf lesson and golf tips on how you can stop slicing the ball by practicing this drill that involves two basket or buckets that you can easily find at the practice range.

Anti Slice Golf Drill #1 – Basket Gate Drill

► Golf Slice Drill – Video Golf Lesson Summary

Go to the practice range and grab a couple of buckets, preferably in plastic.

Take the first basket and place it a foot and half behind the ball, the inside of the basket along the target line behind the ball.

You should be able to hit the ball while comfortably missing the basket with your club unless your club is very much of the outside-in variety, or if you are suffering from an over the top swing.

Take a second basket and position it two feet in front of the ball, and inside the target line by a little bit. The two basket should provide a gateway that allows for the club to comfortably hit the ball while avoiding the two baskets, unless of course you are making a swing error that would promote a slice.

Practice this drill in order to promote an inside-out swing path that will help you avoid slicing the ball.

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